Friday, October 2, 2015

Watercolour Hearts And Heart Florals, Fabrics And Notions Collection

Pretty and cute love hearts and love hearts floral collection, inspired by Valentines day and digital watercolour painting style.
This collection is available on customizable fabrics, button covers and ribbons from my Zazzle store and also on a wider range of print on demand fabrics and also wallpaper and gift wrap from my Spoonflower store.

Watercolour Hearts Customizable fabrics By Painted Ffrog Fabrics

Watercolor painting

Watercolor painting

Watercolor painting


Key elements to this collection were created with experimentation in digital watercolour painting.  Following the theme of iconic symbols of love inspired by Valentine's Day. These elements include digitally water colour painted red love hearts, arranged in repeats and florals (both flowers and floral vines) created from the same love hearts in flower petal arrangements.

The colour palettes for this collection are red and green watercolour tones set over white, black, blue and yellow. 

When envisioning this collection as a sewn creation think tea dresses and retro pretty large voluminous skirts, summer garden sun room decor adornments.

Watercolour Hearts Fabrics and Notions Collection for Projects

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hovering Hummingbirds And Cypress Vine Fabric Collection

Inspired by beautiful hummingbirds who visit our Southern California garden and the bright flowers they are so attracted to, this bright, airy and elegant collection evokes thoughts of garden parties and breezy summer days.

Hovering Hummingbirds And Cypress Vines

Bird home decor

Fabric home decor

Star wall art

Black home decor


The key elements of this collection were created from original sketchbook sketches of hummingbirds and cypress vine flowers.
Base colours for this collection are black and white, with accent colours of mint green and deep reds.  I envision these prints in forms of beautiful 50's inspired dresses perfect of a summer garden party and as stunning accents for home decor in a airy bright conservatory or porch .

 You can get this print on demand collection in both my Spoonflower shop and Zazzle store.  Complementing customizable ribbons and button covers are also available.

Hovering Hummingbirds and Cypress Flowers